Those Precious Moments

The times we want to hold on to forever.

Hello, welcome, and thank you for visiting TPM!  We are a team of four, consisting of Lauren (Mam), Lee (Dad), our little person Elodie and baby Rafi!  Our journey began in 2019 just after Elodie was born where we decided to create personalised and bespoke clothing.  Our idea grew and by early 2020 TPM was born!  Since, we have been creating luxury items for precious little people and their parents.  We pack every product with love and thoroughly enjoy what we do.   From sourcing our top-quality products to packing we do everything.  You will see the love that goes into our work from the products on offer.  

We have a number of ranges including our very precious 'Handmade' Section.  Our lovely friend Jade takes our ideas and helps them to come to life so we can bring you some of the most original, personalised clothing on the market.

Be sure to check out our new embroidered range - you will not be disappointed!

Keep your eyes peeled, this family of four will be as busy as ever but will not let you down!

Lots of love, 

All of us x