Terms and conditions

General Terms & Conditions:
1. Any additional charges incurred, will be recovered from applicant.
2. No additional travelling expenses will be incurred unless previously stated.
3. Precious Moments wedding photography will recover the cost of accommodation expenses and petrol where ceremony is at a distance of 150 miles or more (round trip). It may be necessary to travel on the evening prior to the wedding to avoid traffic and other problems, also it may be necessary to stay overnight where a wedding runs late. The cost of accommodation shall be reimbursed from the client. This will all be agreed before the time of booking.

1. Final agreed package amount will depend on the precise requirements of the applicant.
2. A deposit of £395.00 is made payable to MEP Photography Ltd at the time of booking, once cleared, Precious Moments wedding photography will be the sole photographer for your day and will not book any other weddings on that day.
3. The deposit is non refundable.
4. The final balance for photographic services is payable 28 days prior to the wedding date; it is your responsibility to pay your photographer when monies are due.
5. Payments are non refundable.
6. Non-payment of the final balance 28 days prior to the wedding date constitutes a breach of contract from client. Any previous contract will become null and void.
7. All prices and packages are subject to change. Prices are adjusted periodically; future bookings will be priced at the time of booking.
8. Future re-orders will be charged at the present days prices.
9. Bounced cheques shall incur a £25.00 charge.
10. Precious Moments wedding photography cannot hold your date without the deposit.

1. Precious Moments wedding photography shall be the exclusive photographer retained by client.
2. Family and friends are permitted to take photographs as long as they do not disturb or disrupt or interfere with photographer’s duties.
3. The photographer has the right to kindly ask the person obstructing to refrain from doing so, in order for Precious moments wedding photography to carry on their duties.
4. It is our duty to provide you with a unique service.
5. Any breach of this agreement will constitute a reason for non-completion of the job with no liability to the photographer.
6. Precious Moments wedding photography reserves the right to use your images for any form of advertising to promote their company. Web based promotions, brochures, galleries, competitions apply.

Inherent Quality.
1. Clients should be aware that colour dyes in photography may fade or discolour over a period of time due to inherent quality of dyes and insufficient care and preservation of prints and albums.
2. The photographer will not be liable for degradation of images due to poor handling and insufficient care.
3. All albums need to be kept at room temperature, stored in a box; away from heat and direct sunlight all listed will reduce the life of your album and images. The photographer accepts no liability.
4. If the photographer(s) are unable to fulfil the role of wedding photographer on the day due to any unforeseen circumstances, a full re-fund will be given to client but no further liability will be sought with respect to agreement.
5. If the client cancels no refund shall be given.
6. This limitation shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged, lost, stolen, camera malfunction or any other damage without fault of Precious Moments wedding photography.
7. Precious Moments wedding photography cannot be held responsible for images and photography sessions being disrupted by adverse/unfavourable weather conditions.
8. Precious Moments wedding photography shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of your package.
9. Precious Moments wedding photography may substitute photographers to take photographs at your wedding in the event of photographer’s illness.
10. All re-orders shall be an extension of this contract.
11. All re-orders must be paid for in full prior to orders being dispatched.
12. Precious Moments wedding photography will not be held responsible for the lack of coverage caused by the bride and groom, wedding party, guests, not being on time or interfering or restricting the photographer’s duty.
13. Precious moments wedding photography will not be held responsible for the church, reception, hotel etc having restrictions that prevent images being taken.
14. The photographer cannot guarantee any specific image nor incorporate any specific background or group arrangement.
15. The photographer will not be held responsible for customer disappointment of agreed album and images as long as they are technically acceptable and will face no liability.
16. Any announcement made that will affect your photography and the day, timings, venues etc should be notified as soon as possible in writing to Precious Moments wedding photography.
17. Any circumstances not bought to our attention that affect the out come of the wedding photography will not be the responsibility of Precious Moments wedding photography.
18. A map should be provided if necessary to prevent photographer getting lost, contact details of all vendors should be provided. Precious Moments wedding photography will not be held responsible for being miss informed.
19. Due to technical processing, Precious Moments wedding photography cannot guarantee exact colour matching.
20. Precious Moments wedding photography cannot be responsible for print selection errors whether re-prints or album prints.
21. We will take no responsibility for albums that have incorrect images due to client error a charge will be made for re- album design.
22. Precious Moments wedding photography cannot be responsible for the damage to DVD’s provided, appropriate care is the client’s responsibility.
23. All albums, disks etc should be collected in person from Precious Moments wedding photography.
24. Precious Moments wedding photography accepts no responsibility for the reliability of the post.  We cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of mail, prints, albums, frames and disks etc that are sent through the post.  A courier service can be arranged; the client shall reimburse charges incurred by Precious Moments Wedding Photography.
25. It is advisable that you make a copy of your booking form for your own benefit.

1. All of the above agreements apply to all of our work and albums.
2. Terms and conditions may change at any time.

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