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One of the things I am doing more and more of (and it may be a sign of the times) is special bespoke packages for people. These range from specific product requirements, short weddings or budget.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say that Wedding Photography consists of 3 fundamental ingredients:

1) The Style the photographer brings

2) The products you end up with

3) The price you pay

However, only one of these is really important….”The Style your photographer brings” Why I say this is the only important one is because products and price change, they are not fixed. Fine a photographers whos style, personality, character and photos you enjoy and appreciate, find someone you can get on with and trust. Once you’ve done that, then you can chat about products and prices. I try and give a fantastic range and depth of products and I’m particularly passionate about my custom designed albums but for me it is all about the photographs and more importantly working with the happy couple of the most special of days.

So find a style, an approach and a photographer you like and then talk to them about what can be done. I am very up front about my prices and packages but the packages are often (more now than ever) just a starting place. So if you like what you’ve seen on my website, you like my approach and idea but that my packages don’t meet exactly what you want then just get in touch, pop down to the studio, drop me an e-mail or give me a call.

The time, skill & style that goes into taking your photos is what you are paying for, what you end up with as a record can adapt, change and more importantly be decided upon well after the wedding.

You can always have more, photos, frames or albums. you can NEVER go back and get more photos taken!

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