It’s been how long?

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I updated the site, there really is no excuse, infact being that the last 6 months is typically the lean time for weddings the site should have been jam packed with news and exciting development, there have certainly been lots they just haven’t made it onto these pages.

I have been hearing from a lot of wedding photographers I know saying that they think wedding photography is in trouble and that booking are down in these times of recession (or post-recession if we are definitely out of it) This seems to be a pretty national trend but not as bas as some would make out.

I’d like to take the time to thank all the future brides & grooms I’ve seen recently, when you can have a laugh and a joke and a good time with people over the phone or sitting having a chat in the studio it definitely points to some fantastic weddings to come.

I’m really excited no, not only for all the upcoming weddings (group shots on Portsmouth’s Guildhall steps in a couple of weeks! fantastic!) I’m even more excited about some of the changes that will be taking place here at Precious Moments after this years main wedding season. I’d love to blurt it all out now but I need to save it for now and ry and hold it all in. What I will say is that the scope, style and products that I offer are about to become even more exciting and most importantly for me they will truly stand out from the other wedding photographers that are about! :)

Anyone that’s met me in conjunction with a wedding will know the passion and excitement and pride I take in my wedding photography and I think whats to come will really sum this up!

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