A few reasons to choose Precious Moments ...

Why Choose Us

With hundreds of wedding photographers to choose from why should you pick Precious Moments? We believe for the simple reason that our excellent range of packages offer great value to suit any kind of budget coupled with our meticulous pre planning and attention to detail will ensure that you receive maximum service and quality with minimum fuss and worry.

Two Photographers
At your wedding there will always be two photographers present, this enables us to photograph your wedding from two distinct angles and it allows us to capture parts of the day that are usually overlooked, because one wedding photographer can’t be in two places at once!

One photographer will concentrate on the traditional formal shots while the second photographer is constantly capturing those candid moments of fun and laughter. Having two photographers also allows us to cover both the Bride and the Grooms preparations where normally only the Bride is covered.

Initial Consultation

This is very important as this allows us to fit around your plans. We go through each stage of the day with you and plan what types of shots you would like. We also have a list of standard group shots which could aide you in this process. We like to take the actual names of the main people we will photograph on the day. This not only allows us to get the groups shots assembled at the wedding quicker but adds a more personal touch, thus allowing people to relax more making for more pleasing photographs. These consultations also allow us to put your mind at rest and give you one less thing to worry about!

Traditional and Candid photography
Having two different styles of photography allows you to choose from a wide range of pictures. There is no limit to how many of each style you can order, (with in the boundaries of your package) it is completely up to you and your preference.

The Packages
At Precious Moments we believe in value for money and have encompassed this in our three packages. There is a package to suit everyone’s budget and style with the option of adding extra’s to tailor make your perfect package..

The Wedding Day
Our approach to your wedding is that we should fit around your plans and get the best from your big day. We want to ensure that we add to your day in a positive way and not become ‘the damn photographers!’

Digital Quality
All of our photographs are shot using the latest professional digital cameras. This allows us a number of advantages. One of the main ones being that we are able to put your wedding photos online within 24 hours of the wedding. This site will be secure and can only be viewed by family and friends that have been given a pre-arranged password. The other advantage of shooting digitally gives us the freedom to turn any picture we take into black and white and therefore enables you to have a greater range and style of pictures.

From initial consultation through to ordering your photographers you will deal with both of your photographers .This will enable you to get to know us better which is vital for you to feel relaxed and confident that we will get the best pictures we can from your wedding.

We believe in an organic and personal approach to wedding photography. We are there to seamlessly fit into your day and use our expertise and experience to capture your wonderful occasion.

It is the combination of all these aspects that gives us a package that we are proud to offer and one that allows you to make a decision in confidence. Don’t just take our word for it please take a look at the recommendations from previous weddings. If you would like to discuss anything about what we can offer then please feel free to contact us.

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