A little about us


Wedding photography is a very competitive market as there are a very wide range of photographers charging anything from £200 to £20000! When Precious Moments was started I wanted to be different, to stand out from the crowd (for good reasons!). I wanted Precious Moments to be remembered for some, In my opinion, very important things. Firstly the obvious:

  1. Exceptional Photos
    This is after all what it’s all about and this was always, and always will be the cornerstone or what we do (and what every wedding photographer should be doing) but the way we go about it is what makes us different.
  2. Service with a smile, some laughs and me laying down!
    Now that sounds  odd but if you ask a couple who’s wedding we’ve covered then it will make perfect sense! We do this because its a passion and because it’s great fun, its a very important day, but its a happy day and thats what we like to concentrate on, through numerous meetings and a fun approach from the very first chat we aim to give you a level of fun service that really makes us stand out from the crowd. The biggest compliment we receive is that guests think we are also guests, not pushy, in your face, annoying photographers! And no matter what time of year your wedding is at some point yiou will see me taking photos laying on the ground, or maybe half up a tree, whatever needs to be done to get the shot and get fun, exciting different shots!
  3. Products
    What you end up with after your wedding is your lasting memory of the day. Whether it’s prints, and album, frames or canvas’s I always try and offer not only a large selection of stunning quality products but also offering you a huge selection of your photos to remember your day. It still shocks me that there are photographers out there supplying albums with 30 photos in that the photographer picks! We offer you complete control and choice over your photos.

Wedding photography is a passion first and a job second, we’re not the cheapest, we’re not the biggest but we believe that we offer a unique blend of style, service, products and fun! Please do pop into the studio, take a look through the site or give us a call and arrange a chat and see what you think yourself.

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